Healthy Beetroot, Radish and Couscous Salad

Healthy Beetroot, Radish and Couscous Salad

Beautiful radish that complements any salad – cucumber, beets, avocado and more – this salad truly does make the taste buds come alive!

So here’s the thing, when someone says we are having salad for dinner the next question more than likely is – salad with what? Well at least if you anything like me that is – ‘salad‘ for dinner, really? No tuna in the salad? Or steak and salad, or salad as a starter? No, just salad then?

Healthy salads are a given today but this is not just any salad, its packed with loads of vitamins and minerals, a healthy immune booster with all the fighters in the beetroot against cancer, blood pressure and detoxification. Don’t get me started on the radish!

Okay let’s get to the Recipe:

Handful of lettuce
100 grams cucumber
50 cherry tomatoes
100 grams beetroot
1/3 cup couscous (depending on how filling you want your salad to be)
3 mushrooms
2 boiled eggs
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of onion/pepper/radish mix
Balsamic Vinegar

Simply Beautiful Beets

Is this not natural beauty? From a rough looking yet precious root vegetable like beetroot comes a stunning colorful flower against a deep red – such simplicity always takes my breathe away. Look at it, how can something this natural not be good for you and that’s why it has become a staple in our kitchen, vying with all the other fruit & veg.


Tip:  You can use any ingredients that you have in your fridge or pantry, the idea is to be creative, use what you have and enjoy!

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