Smoothies and Juices

Smoothies and Juices

Smoothies are an easier form of feeding your children their vegetables, they are an anytime snack, and they act as a support to shedding some pounds.

Although we all get tempted to stop at our favorite smoothie bar it’s probably a much better choice to make your own smoothie at least you will be sure whats going inside your body. If you are trying to lose weight this is even more important to make your own, you don’t want to be consuming excess calories and tons of sugar in a smoothie, this may just be worse than actually simply eating your fruit whole.

Energy Levels

Your energy can take a dip if you not eating enough and if you are not combining your smoothies with a fat or protein. Personally if I make a smoothie for breakfast without adding in a staple of some sort then before midday I am hungry again and some days I have also noticed a considerable dip in my energy levels so its always best to work out how you want the smoothie to work for you in terms of if you are having it as an snack that’s great but if you are having the smoothie to replace a meal then you might want to add some fat and protein.

Below I have shared  3 of my very basic smoothie recipes with you but again, I would suggest that you add a base if you are replacing a meal. I love these smoothies (hence my sharing with you) and my Anytime Nut Smoothie is what I can have for breakfast without any additions but will have a fat by mid morning. Everything in moderation because when made the correct way smoothies provide the many nutrients our bodies need!

1. Beet-Juice

Okay lets face it, not many people like beetroot because of it’ strong taste but with all the benefits this vegetable has, hold your nose if you must but eat or drink up!

The benefits of beetroot are plentiful: lowers your blood pressure, fights cancer, inflammation, boosts your stamina, helps detoxification, is that enough of a reason? And there’s more – eating or drinking your beets can also assist with fighting Osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s

Recipe (you know the recipe 🙂 toss everything in and juice or blend
Fresh beet, wash & chop, toss into the juicer (for juice) fresh orange, mint leaves and pour into a glass with crushed ice and fresh mint! Enjoy!

2. Anytime Nut Smoothie A great start to the day and your body will thank you.

Place everything into a nutribullet blender or any blender really works,  in goes your spinach (or kale), carrots, lettuce, yogurt, crushed chili , chai seeds & nuts and coconut or plain water. And for an extra creamy finish a drop of almond milk. Adding ice to the blender always makes your smoothies nice and fresh, pulse the blender to crush the ice, blend until the ingredients are smoothly incorporated and then Enjoy!

Blend thoroughly. Add ice cubes in a glass/jar with sliced lemon and top up with smoothie. Perfect!

3. Green Smoothie with a great lemon sting! Spinach or Kale, parsley, lime, green apples (low in glycemic), celery, basil, cucumber, water and ice – you know the drill 🙂 blend thoroughly until very smooth – Enjoy! 


It’s good to get creative with smoothies (always aware of what is inside the content that I am getting creative with so keep it fresh and simple) – fat-free yogurt, pineapple, cilantro, chia seeds, loads of lemon juice and coconut water and you can also keep some frozen berries & banana to make a quick addition.

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