Sweet Divine Tofu

Sweet Divine Tofu

That Quick Thing That I Do With Tofu


A few years ago I was introduced to the world of tofu and since then,  it has added nothing but taste and inspiration to My Anosmic Kitchen. My wonderful health conscious daughter came home the other day and said: “Mom, I bought some tofu only because I know how much you (and we) love it so I thought you could make that quick sweet chilli tofu thing that you do with it”

So to everyone out there, if you are reading this, here is ‘the quick thing that I do with tofu” 🙂


Firm Tofu drained and cut into blocks  (tofu draining process – Easy Tofu Recipe in 10 Minutes )
1 – 2 heaped tablespoon plain flour or corn starch
2 tablespoons coconut oil ( any oil would work)
1 thinly sliced red onion
1/4 teaspoon salt & 1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 thinly sliced green pepper
1 fresh chilli (de-seeded or not if you prefer the heat)
sweet chilli
hoisin sauce

Tip:  Quantities are all an estimation, please use as a guideline .



Drain and cut the tofu into squares
Sprinkle with plain/flour or corn starch
Heat your pan and melt in coconut oil
Fry the tofu turning each way to make sure that they brown evenly
Drain on some paper towel and set aside
Toss in your sliced red onion and green pepper for a less than 5 minutes, just to allow them to soften slightly.
Remove from the stove and add in the tofu, sweet chilli and hoisen sauce.

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