What Juicing My Vegetables Has Done For Me

What Juicing My Vegetables Has Done For Me

The Good and The Bad About Veggie Juicing

There are loads of articles that will tell you how bad juicing your fruit and veg is for you and why you should not do it; this is not one of those articles.  This is also not an article to tell you to juice and not to eat – look around, we love food!

So now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, let me share my personal experience with veggie juicing.

Juicing gave me the wake-up call that I needed.  I think it started the day I realized that it was midday and I had not had any coffee as opposed to not being able to have a conversation before my morning espresso; and I had not even though about it!

Steady Transition

When I started juicing I clearly had no idea of the benefits of juicing. Yes I knew the basics that they are vegetables therefore they are good for me and they carry all the nutrients that vegetables carry for us. I had also only ever blended or juiced fruit into a tasteful drink and then I slowly moved onto adding spinach and kale and making more of a vegetable smoothie & juice blend rather than just fruit and then finally I went onto juicing my vegetables and that’s when the real fun started!

The Facts About Juicing

It might not be that much fun when you start out, looking for fresh vegetables, the preparation and cleaning which can set you back a little time and money.  I have always heard that eating healthy costs a lot more money than not eating healthy but I thought ‘oh its just veggies, how much can it be’.

Well quite a bit for the average person wanting to juice regularly (like every day regularly) even three times a day, then cleaning them and cleaning the juicer each time you finish and what about the quantity of what you are juicing?  Its not much so you will be juicing quite a bit of vegetables to get a decent amount of liquid to drink.


Juicing Doesn’t Make You Feel Like You Can Immediately Participate in A Marathon

Actually you feel quite sick in the beginning, at least I did especially when I tried the ‘down it all in one drink’ method because I didn’t like the taste. I would then feel a slight bit of nausea. I know that there are many articles about how great you feel when you juice and those are not misinformed it’s the truth. You do feel great and amazing and who wouldn’t? When your energy has peaked, you are going to the bathroom regularly and your hormones stabilize? We all want that good feeling but for some people (like me) even when you have been juicing for a while, the minute you finish drinking it might still make you feel slightly offish. The good news?  It gets better.


I very quickly started noticing my weight drop even though that was not the idea of vegetable juicing.  I have always been someone interested in healthier choices.  As we get older it becomes more important than ever to be healthier.  It’s a shame really because ageing should not be the only reason we think ‘better health choices’ we should be teaching and implementing a healthier society and a healthier culture in order for everyone to benefit from a younger age.


Small but continued changes

Manageable weight-loss
Much clearer skin
Better bowl movements
Being mindful

Decent weight-loss, nothing drastic and I continue to manage my balance. Then I started seeing the results show in my skinAt first I thought no you are not seeing clearly and you also simply looking for results!  Strange the things that we tell ourselves when we don’t believe enough in something.

Juicing vegetables is something that is now a way of life in my home. I no longer reach for coffee or that espresso in the morning.  My day starts with a juice or a smoothie because it makes me feel better and gives me more energy. I still have an espresso in the course of the morning but I have also learned to push it for much later as opposed to not being able to have a conversation without coffee!

And More….

Without sounding boring, your internal organs working properly does become a concern. Not when they are working properly but when things just stop working, it becomes a concern. I was never someone who was regular in the bathroom/toilet and I also never thought much about it. Until I started veggie juicing and found myself up and down the bathroom that I realized that ‘before’ was not normal.

I did read an article somewhere that said juicing veggies does nothing more for you than give you more veggies, I have to completely disagree.  Juicing my veggies has made me more mindful not only of what I am doing, how I am doing it and what I am consuming, it has also given me multiple benefits as explained above.


What Juicing My Vegetables Has Done For Me
Recipe Type: Veggie Juicing
Author: My Anosmic Kitchen
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 1 person
A straight forward and simple veggie juicing recipe but you can use your preferred or seasoned vegetables and juice away. Simple Veggie Juicing Recipe
  • 2 Medium Sized Beetroot
  • Small Piece of Fresh Ginger
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1/2 Apple
  • 1 Celery Stalk or 1/4 Piece of Cucumber
  • 1 Freshly Squeezed Lemon (or bottled lemon juice if your prefer)
  1. Rinse all the veggies
  2. Which veggies to peel before juicing is a personal choice but I peel the ginger and beetroot. I just think that it helps the machine to juice better
  3. Carrots, celery and apple – simply chop into decent sizes
  4. Once all the veggies are cleaned and chopped, put through the juicer.
This is not a detox and it’s not a diet or a no eating plan its purely my personal recipe and article on how juicing works for me. Hopefully it will work for you too! Enjoy!

And in Conclusion

Thing don’t happen all at once. Veggie juicing has its benefits no doubt but it is also a combination of staying hydrated, eating good fats and a balanced lifestyle.

TIP:  Any juicer works, if not you can also use any blender to blend the juice out for you.  If you don’t like the pulp, then you might have to strain it.


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