Open Sandwiches For Lunch, Brunch, Munch or Snack

Open Sandwiches For Lunch, Brunch, Munch or Snack

It’s Avocado Season!

Good rains ensure a good harvest and that means that we can celebrate well priced avo’s and enjoy this season.  Avocado lovers take full advantage of this because we know too well how costly it has been when you walk into your favorite store and see a sky high price per avocado, which immediately tells you that’s its probably imported.

2016 and 2017 were not for us but 2018 offers beautiful avocado season and although the season runs from March to October we just might be able to enjoy this richness right till December.  Now, all this avocado excitement is making me hungry.

open faced sandwiches



But first let me share the Power of Patience

I remember my mother wrapping avocado’s in newspaper and keeping them in a dark space like in a container or a basket and then off to some shelve or cupboard until they ripened.  I continued this ritual until my daughter kept complaining that the avocados took too long to ripen and she started buying the already ‘ripe’ avocado which you obviously pay more for and when its not in season you pay a lot more.  Now, if you have read my previous post you will know how much I don’t like buying out of season so one day when I was about to yet again wrap my green avocado’s in newspaper when I noticed my beautiful fruit selection in the fruit bowl with pineapples, oranges and bananas started to think how impatient we’ve become. We want everything now and have become spoiled. Instant access to life. Why not leave the avocado’s in the fruit bowl and let them be. So I did just that.

To my surprise the avocado’s starting ripening without us even checking every morning (the newspaper) they were right in front of us and suddenly they were ripe! I became even more curious and found many articles online saying that if you leave an avocado next to a banana in a brown paper bag it will ripen faster than normal! I didn’t use a paper bag but that’s a great idea as well but leaving them in my fruit bowl where there is always banana’s they ripen beautifully.  Who knew? Not me that’s for sure but there you go, patience is everything (and a banana)

My Open Sandwiches!

This colorful, exciting, inspiring, fresh, wholesome combination is all I need to make me happy. I smile just writing this down to share with you.

There is no recipe for sandwiches I get that but these were such a joy to make that I simply could not have not shared them with the world.

This season may be icy cold (especially in the evenings) and lots of rain in Cape Town, (yes thank you) and while I am enjoying all the soup dishes one of the best fruits in season is avocado’s! Besides the fact that they are now so much better priced, you can also find them in abundance and oh my; the things we can do with avocado pears 🙂 From cooking to face masks, avocado is a royalty fruit.



Lunch time for most of us is more like left overs from the day/night before. Left overs topped off with some soft boiled egg, olive oil and spices or the occasional slice of rye, landbroodt, German bread, or some seeded whole grain bread that I religiously toast before eating, not for any reason but because toast tastes better than plain.


Although I swear by left overs (it’s sad I know) that’s why I decided to go a bit ‘wild’ today with these open faced sandwiches. I was on Instagram looking at so many different food images and naturally I want to get up that very second and make everything, except that logically I can’t. Anyway, I saw these wonderfully inspiring images from Martha Stewart on open faced sandwiches and I thought oh that looks lovely and wondered into the kitchen and there honestly wasn’t much besides fruit & veggies and pantry items that needed either over night soaking or a whole different mood (what’s new) but…..

I had bread!

Avocado on Toast

Mashed ripe avocado pear, salt & pepper, baby spinach and pumpkin seeds (salt & pepper goes without saying)

Eggplant Green Pepper & Sesame Seeds

The eggplant recipe is a standard one that I keep in the fridge and besides the fact that it tastes wonderful its also very versatile. You can use it as a bread topping or as a sides in any meal, is absolutely divine. The eggplant recipe can be found here (without the radish).

Avocado Cherry Tomato’s Baby Spinach & Balsamic Glaze

Spread all the above on the toast.

Soft Boiled Egg & Cucumber

Soft boiled eggs, sliced cucumber, season with salt, pepper & drizzle with olive oil


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