Baked Couscous and Lentil Snaps

Baked Couscous and Lentil Snaps

These baked couscous and lentil snaps or cups as you will, are simply a matter of rolling out the dough, lay the dough into each cup, brush with egg, fill with left overs and top off with mozzarella.


I had all this very tasty couscous, lentils and colorful tomato salad and that is how this recipe came about.

If you prefer you can definitely make your own pastry although puff pastry works brilliantly in terms of convenience.  The only reason that left overs were used in this recipe was simply another way to not waste otherwise the filling can be anything else. You can use spinach, egg, tomato, veggie bake, the list is endless! Cheese on top, bacon, chives, bake and you have a tasty baked recipe.

Gorgeous Baked Egg Couscous and Bacon Snaps

I was very impressed with these snaps they were so easy and quick. Works well for lunches and a quick bite.

Baked Couscous and Lentil Snaps

July 2, 2018
: 4-6
: 5 min
: 15 min
: None

Bacon and egg cups!


  • Puff Pastry
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Oil
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Cup or less of mozzarella
  • Cooked couscous and lentils
  • Hummus
  • Step 1 Spray a muffin tin with spray & cook or you can rub with any oil/butter
  • Step 2 Sprinkle some flour on a board and roll out the pastry cutting it into fairly large squares and lay each piece in each cup
  • Step 3 Add the filling
  • Step 4 Top off with grated mozzarella
  • Step 5 Close each one and brush with egg
  • Step 6 Sprinkle sesame seeds (optional)
  • Step 7 Bake for 15 minutes

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