Easy and Quick Crostini vs Bruschetta Recipe

Easy and Quick Crostini vs Bruschetta Recipe

How does something so simple taste so extraordinary? Because simple recipes normally do and without any complications lets get to the root of crostini vs bruschetta.



Crostini the meat substitute as it was known in the old days, simple and with absolutely no complications to make it.  With a shortage or lack of meat, people used tiny pieces of bread in the soup because it was more filling. It has since become our ‘french’ crouton and even simpler, tiny pieces of bread with your favorite toppings.


Unlike the Italian bruschetta {bru-ske-tta} which was (and still is, I know because my husband still does it and I saw his mother do it) actually a way of not wasting any left over or stale bread, so they would dampen the bread and then grill (or re-bake) and eat with a bit of salt, olive oil, oregano, garlic (or cherry tomato) as posted here.

This is a merely a way of saving the bread and not wasting it while the rest of us top it off with all these delicious  cheese, avo, prosciutto crudo and prosciutto cotto toppings.

Easy and Quick Crostini or Open Sandwich Idea

July 15, 2018
: 8 min


  • Ciabatta cut into 1-2cm thickness
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Ham
  • Cherry Tomato's
  • Avocado Pear
  • Fresh Basil
  • Cheese (any flavor)
  • Step 1 Gently rub the sliced ciabatta with a piece of fresh cut garlic and slightly drizzly with olive oil
  • Step 2 Season with coarse salt and oregano
  • Step 3 Top with cheese, cherry tomatoes, ham, avocado pear & fresh basil or your favorite toppings



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