Mixed Berries Juice – Healthy, Fresh and Delicious

Mixed Berries Juice – Healthy, Fresh and Delicious

This mixed berries smoothie is a very good place to start when you are making healthier food choices because it’s so fresh, delicious, filled with nutrients and really easy and quick to make.

mixed berries smoothie

Great summer drink but just as refreshing and inviting when entertaining friends or family.

Making smoothies doesn’t require you to be a smoothie connoisseur, no special skills. If you have a blender, vegetables, fruit and a base like water or yogurt, you have a smoothie.

I know that since I started making more smoothies it made a huge difference in what I chose to add into my recipe and at first it was just smoothie recipes and before long it was literally everything I made. From shopping for ingredients, markets etc.  I have always been a health conscious eater but this increased all those aspects from the kitchen to simple healthy food choices.

It’s a “win win”

When choosing your ingredients you should always try to get them as fresh or organic as possible if and when possible and if not then use what you have, go with it and enjoy the smoothie process. Instead of spending time wondering what to eat in the morning, blend and drink and sticking to using the best milk choices in the mornings and the water base later in the day as a snack smoothie is best if you are trying to lose some weight.

Some of the benefits of berries:

Improves blood sugar
Filled with antioxidants
Vitamin C

Mixed Berries Smoothie

August 7, 2018
: 1
: 5 min
: 5 min
: None at all!

Healthy, fresh and nutritious.


  • 1 Cup Frozen Mixed Berries
  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • 1/2 Cup low fat yogurt (or fat free)
  • 1/4 Cup Fresh Orange Juice
  • Step 1 Combine all the ingredients in the blender and blend till smooth.
  • Step 2 Add extra berries to serve (optional)

If you need more in depth information of berries then Google is a great place to start.

For more healthy juice and smoothie options you can also take a quick read at these posts. 



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