Chickpea Salad Platter

Chickpea Salad Platter

Chickpea salad and thank goodness for the chickpeas! They give you the sustenance to stay fuller for longer otherwise you would most certainly be going back for something else to eat. As much as we love beautifully colored lettuce, bright fresh carrots, beans, those cherry tomatoes that seem to go with everything and the queen of veggie land the grand avocado they don’t fill you up for long. At least not me hence some kind of protein.

chickpea salad

There’s nothing quite like a platter to bring some ambiance with it. Whether its a sea food platter, cold meats and crackers/bread as an  antipasto idea with pesto either way platters are a little way of celebrating the gathering of people and food. Using platters as a centerpiece even in smaller servings as crostini creates a closeness and sharing as opposed to having your own designated plate and chair. This is more informal and friendlier. Anyway, enough rambling, I’m sure that you get what I am saying!

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chickpea salad

Not much of a recipe here guys but more of some inspiration!  Those days when you either don’t know what to make or when you need a bout of inspiration 🙂

Sometimes all you need is to see something that inspires you. It doesn’t have to be the entire recipe or dish just one item can spark that ‘oh wow‘ inside of someone else.  So never forget that it’s not just about putting out recipes it’s also about a simple dish bringing an entire fresh idea to someone else!

On this chickpea platter

A basic selection of fresh veggies, shrimp and grilled chickpeas and green beans. Use a sauce to drizzle over the salad chickpea hummus, beet hummus or a delicious pesto work wonderfully with platters!

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chickpea platter

chickpea platter


A table centerpiece with a fresh salad platter. 
Keyword chickpea salad platter
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • fresh lettuce leaves
  • grilled green beans
  • tomatoes
  • carrots
  • avocado
  • cooked shrimp
  • Brie or Camembert cheese
  • raw nuts
  • drizzle of honey


  • Rinse and slice you veggies. 
  • Oven bake the beans and chickpeas in some garlic, butter & oil. Allow to cool and arrange on the platter. 
  • While the oven is on bake the Camembert cheese for a few minutes till soft enough to dip into. 
  • Arrange the rest of the cleaned veggies on the platter.
  • Season with salt & pepper to taste.
  • Drizzle honey and nuts over cheese. 



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