Scrumptious Nutritious Vegan Buddha Bowl

Scrumptious Nutritious Vegan Buddha Bowl

These bowls have fast become my favorite thing to make!  My Scrumptious Nutritious Vegan Buddha Bowl or Rainbow Bowl as I am clearly in love with as well are now on the top of my list.  Until I make the next one which just might be today I’m so excited to be sharing this with you!

Imagine This – for my daughters who are both young adults (moved away from home kind of adults😃)  this type of ‘bowl food’ is pretty normal. Okay maybe not so much for the older one but still, it’s probably more normal to her than it is to me whose actually making it! I am so excited because what a grand time to be alive to witness a buddha bowl? Who would have thought. So if you are not yet making them, get on it they are all the rage in my house and what an investment in your body to be making.

  • plant based
  • gluten free
  • vegan
  • packed with deliciousness
  • packed with nutrition
  • fitness food 
  • so satisfying 

the best green buddha bowl



Some tips & suggestions

Naturally having the foods prepared in advance makes the whole process easier because all that’s left is to lay them into the bowl.  Having a fairly large wide bowl also makes for a prettier looking and attractive bowl and the food is not squeezed into a smaller bowl. Yes we are eating healthy but we always eating delicious, nutritious and ‘pretty‘😃

Making the food in advance cuts your time from 30 or 40 minutes to 15 minutes but we don’t always have all the ingredients when we need them so I would suggest the following:

  • start with making the tofu and setting it aside or leave it in the fridge for the next day
  • Spice and roast the chickpeas and do the same as above.  I did all this on the same day (of-course because I am a little obsessed but if you have a busy day don’t even, because you will end up frustrated and that is not the idea) The idea is to enjoy it!


Drain the chickpeas and dry them out in a kitchen towel otherwise they splatter while you’re trying to bake/roast.  Now, you don’t have to do this (again, obsessed) you can also peel them?!  Rinse them through a colander, and shake the colander to loosen them up a bit.

Chickpeas always have the odd peel falling off and it (drives me insane) the problem is once I start peeling I cant stop till I get through them all!   Yes yes you have a life don’t worry 🥴 You can roast them your favorite way. In an effort to not use the oven for chickpeas that’s not what happens in this kitchen.  I don’t roast chickpeas and garlic unless the oven is already being utilized for something else. Heat your pan, add the oil, rub your dried chickpeas in your favorite spices and roast them in the pan till done to your liking. Chickpeas done.


I think we all know that tofu is my go to for any and all things food!  If you have not or are not familiar with how to make it you can take a look at this recipe here for some tips.


The idea of the vegetables in this bowl is to eat them (for me) as close to raw as possible. In saying that, it would depend on where and what type of kale you have because some are just nasty!  Seriously I have ended up with some really bad kale and that almost put me off kale but let me tell you, there are some great options so shop around.

There was absolutely no cooking involved for the beans and the broccoli. Boil some water in the kettle, place the veggies in a bowl or pot, pour the water over and let them sit. When tender to you liking, remove and drain before serving. This method also prevents them going too soft and no one wants to eat soggy veggies.


You can use any rice and don’t forget that rice and oats are the two foods that are widely underestimated in the kitchen! So spice your rice up if you like and if you are feeling a little overwhelmed with cooking Basmti rice I have you covered right here.


Ah well this food speaks for itself doesn’t it? As long as you choose a nice clean avocado you will be happy. Trust me I know.  Choose a bright color clean avocado and it’s not always a case of the more expensive the better it will be when you cut it. No. I find that a medium size avocado generates a much cleaner brighter color. Obviously where they are sourced comes into account. If they are too small they are probably not going to be what we are looking for. So choose ripe, not overripe and choose medium size.


Also, don’t be one of those people pulling the stem out to see if it’s ready (Noooo) I read a blog once that said ‘just snip the little pip out and if its clear or something, its ready/not ready.

That was really quite shocking to me and is definitely not the kind of information we want to be sharing! Imagine if every avocado you picked up to buy had the little pip snatched off? Not sure about you but I would like a complete avocado when I buy it. Not one that has been pressed and prodded into? And now it’s a matter of  pull out the little stem or button like thingy on the top? No come on people. That just sounds wrong to me.  How would you like someone prodding your head to ‘just check if all your brain cells are in order” What on earth are we doing?

IN CONCLUSION TO OUR Scrumptious Nutritious Vegan Buddha Bowl

If you buy avocados enough you will become familiar with what works and what doesn’t without picking and prodding. If you don’t win at first, try again, life is not perfect neither are avocado’s but don’t pull apart the fruit.

scrumptious nutritious vegan buddha bowl


Again, if you give this recipe a try, pleases let me know and tagging me on Instagram would be wonderfully helpful and kind of you! #anosmickitchen  xoxo

scrumptious nutritious vegan buddha bowl


It's all about good health and making sure that you eat what you preach. Making a healthy & nutritious investment into your body today is all the rage, as it should be. This scrumptious vegan bowl is this weeks highlight so lets do this for motivation and inspiration.
Course lunch
Keyword bowls, buddhabowl
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 2 servings


  • tofu
  • broccoli
  • beans
  • rice
  • chickpeas
  • mixed seeds
  • kale
  • lime


There are no quantities for this recipe because I cannot tell you how many broccoli to eat, right? 
Also in the post you will find under 'tips & suggestions' links to some of the recipe ingredients & loads of suggestions! Enjoy xxxx



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