Balsamic Mushroom Pasta – Under 10 Ingredients in Less Than 10 Minutes

Balsamic Mushroom Pasta –  Under 10 Ingredients in Less Than 10 Minutes

Balsamic Mushroom Pasta using less than 10 ingredients and ready in under 10 minutes! A tangy tasting ‘aceto balsamico’ as is known in Italy.  This recipe is for foodies like me that truly appreciate the boldness that food has to offer.  You know that complex but really simple taste?  Just enough zing to lighten up your taste buds? That is exactly what you can expect from this balsamic mushroom pasta recipe!

balsamic mushroom pasta


Sometimes we have to prepare a meal that is just for us and this was for me.

My husband doesn’t eat mushrooms so when I cook this dish I make just enough for myself to eat over 2 meals because I don’t mind pasta the next day with a freshen up. You could substitute the mushroom with some other veggie but it just seems to fit so well with this recipe.  Tagliatelle is always the best choice for mushrooms as well and the balsamic and fresh herbs know exactly where and how to hold onto the tagliatelle without much effort. A match made in heaven so I was not prepared to make substitutions.

Every now and then we must be selfish in order to be able to give more tomorrow for how else would we keep giving.

Every time I make a pasta meal and that’s the majority of our meals they almost never have mushrooms in but this one, this balsamic mushroom tagliatelle does and it’s amazing! Another fantastic way that I love using mushrooms  on toast, oh my goodness take a look at this not so ordinary tomato, mushroom and basil pesto toast!!


Balsamic vinegar which is really dark in color originates from Italy so I remember falling in love with the affordability of balsamic vinegar while living there because at the time it wasn’t as affordable in South Africa. Now it is more affordable with loads of brands offers. Balsamic glaze is a bit more expensive but so worth it because it’s not like milk? You don’t use it every day and there are not many recipes that call for it, unless you have decided to make this balsamic mushroom pasta of mine and I hope that you do.

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balsamic mushroom pasta



  • absolutely amazing taste!
  • so easy
  • under 10 ingredients
  • in under 10 minutes
  • healthy
  • vegan
  • it will take your meal from ordinary to extra-ordinary
  • the color is rich and the flavor bold

Balsamic vinegar or glaze brings the taste out of any dish, it’s like a fine grown wine. Rich, robust and exquisitely tasteful!  Another recipe to seriously look at is this balsamic garlic pork roast that I couldn’t get enough praises for, of which I am always grateful.

Also well known for salads balsamic is a great dressing for just about any salad, on it’s own or mixed into a Homemade Balsamic Dressing and this  roasted balsamic eggplant is a frequent in My Anosmic Kitchen because again it’s simplicity and healthy ingredients make it very popular.




Balsamic Mushroom Pasta using less than 10 ingredients and ready in under 10 minutes! A tangy tasting recipe that is for the foodies that truly appreciate the combination of using simple ingredients and gaining maximum taste.
Course brunch, Dinner
Cuisine Italian
Keyword balsamic, dinner recipes, pasta
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 8 minutes
Servings 2 servings


  • 100 grams tagliatelle pasta
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • olive oil
  • sliced mushrooms (half a punnet)
  • 2 fresh chopped garlic cloves
  • 1/4 cup balsamic glaze
  • 2 tbsps water (depending on thickness)
  • fresh basil


  • Cook the pasta in boiling water as per packet instructions.
  • Heat a non stick pan and add the butter to melt.
  • Add the olive oil
  • Cook the chopped garlic for a few seconds
  • Add the mushrooms and cook for about a minute or 2 (slightly brown)
  • Add the balsamic and mix
  • Add fresh basil
  • Add the cooked pasta
  • Enjoy!


Use slightly less than the normal amount of salt when cooking the pasta just to balance out the balsamic. 
Start by getting a pot of boiling water on the stove and once it's boiling add the pasta and on another plate heat you non stick pan for garlic and mushrooms. 
By the time the pan ingredients are done it will be just on time to bring the pasta across using a pair of kitchen tongs (easier). 

balsamic mushroom pasta


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