I read somewhere that great cooking comes from “people who have an innate capacity to taste, see and smell but I have to totally disagree.  I believe that great cooking comes from people who love food, from people who cook with heart, those who dance from the taste of food and say ummmm and ooooh from a spoonful of heaven. That for me is great cooking. 



anosmic kitchen


Hi, I’m Miranda

Welcome to my space!

I’m here to share my recipes, kitchen, ideas, tips and everything I know about food with you.

I have cooked so many meals, experienced food around the world, been on so many different diets and have eventually made peace with what we all have always known #selflove

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From watching my videos I would like you to take with you creativity, working with what you have and mixing it up, minimize processed foods and instead focus on healthier options because you always have a choice.  I will teach you that flavor is not a skill nor is it expensive instead flavor is heart. The taste of your food lies in your passion and your heart that you prepare it with. I say this because I am Anosmic, a Congenital Anosmic which means that I was born without a sense of smell but being anosmic has never stopped me from cooking food with heart and full of flavor because it’s easy.

Have fun in the kitchen, try new ingredients, experiment with foods, don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t come out right, it’s okay, everything in life is a learning process and it never stops. Don’t even throw it out straight away because emotions are up and down but they always pass. Walk away, do something else perhaps when you will have another  idea on how to use it without throwing it out.

My videos always have music in them and when I am talking there will probably be light music on in the background because just like food music is life. You are life and this is your journey. Your food journey.


EGGS IN SAUCE my version of shakshuka

In one way or another I have had a very significant relationship with food which I never recognized for the longest time in my life. Fortunately about a year ago I started doing what I really enjoyed doing. Not just what I wanted to do or enjoyed but something that actually made me feel, think, be creative, moved me, inspired me and allowed me to do it without reason or justification. Something I was clearly passionate about – cooking!

My recipes are greatly influenced by my travels and the people in my life especially my family. I have lived in Cape Town for 5 years now having lived more like a nomad most of my life from city to city and country to country. Unable to pin any city or group of people to the benefit of my entire life because Cape Town is where my career and my family were redefined and for that this is my home.  

I am very keen to show you how to make vibrant and colorful meals using everyday ingredients, working with what you have with a focus on healthy or at least healthyish delicious tasting food!

Cooking and Family

I met my husband when we were both in our 20’s  and he always brought wine and flowers to the door while we were courting. One day, I asked him to please stop bringing me flowers and to bring me a pocket of potatoes instead.  He arrived the next day with the potatoes and said ” I saw these on a special” and he had the potatoes and some other groceries with him.  The end.

A winner I tell you 🙂

Our Journey

We traveled so much when we got married. If we were not traveling, we were moving locally, nationally or internationally and soon I became the best packer, passenger, airport visitor and box collector that I knew. Through this journey, I met some wonderful people, witnessed some beautiful and some horrid stories, tasted food in many languages so to speak and learnt more about people, cultures and cuisines in my life than I thought possible.


My cooking journey has evolved from our traditional cooking to more friendlier open minded meals and as I continue to grow and learn I marvel every day at ingredients, the combinations and results of food.  Always excited about food and about cooking food. Love everything about food, from shopping for it, preparing it and cooking it.  Let me also say how much I’m enjoying taking photos of the food, that’s a new thing for me, we never took photos of food ever before, imagine that.

ANOSMIA – My Anosmic Journey

Not having always known that I was anosmic until 2018 when I Googled ‘people who can’t smell‘ and was blown away to find that there was a name for it!  I always knew that I couldn’t smell but never spoke about it and never acknowledged it let alone know that there was an entire community of anosmics!  That is until my daughter  (don’t you just love kids 🙂 –  I mean they are the most inquisitive forward thinkers of the world!

She would push all these questions about when did you know that you can’t smell, did you ever discuss it with anyone, doesn’t it bother you that you cant smell, don’t you want to go to the doctor, why didn’t you go?  All these questions would come at random times and most of the time we would have long discussions about it and other times I was dismissive. Eventually it worked, here I am talking about anosmia so thank to you to my daughter and the forward thinkers of the world!

Smelling Through Taste – Tagline

People always ask me if you cant smell how do you taste because naturally this is part of our senses and they go together. The simple answer is that I recently found out that I could possibly be retronsal which is means that I am smelling through my mouth and not my nose. That latest finding was very familiar to me because my husband would often say ‘I thought you couldn’t smell‘ as I would say in passing ‘please move that it’s smelling’ ‘close the door please something is smelling’ or ‘can you smell my divine cooking’

What was is in fact happening and still is, is that I as getting a sense of something but am unable to identify what it is so it would either make me feel sick if it was a bad smell or it would make me happy and smile (mostly food) but I am unable to tell you what the smell is. That is how my tagline for my blog smelling through taste was born.

My anosmia has never been an issue for me there is so much else to be grateful for. Fortunately I have other elves in this house who can smell like sharks, at least to me 🙂  So it’s not all bad, besides, when they take a spoon and steal into my pot and I hear “Oh Mom!” I figure I must’ve got it just right.



Delicious, Creative, Easy, Flavorful, One Pot Meals

I am very big on Comfort Food because that’s what I learnt from earlier on in my life and I love One Pot Meals so you will see a lot of that on my YouTube channel especially pasta dinners.






berry dessert


Dessert never has to be complicated but it simply must be delicious!








You can find me sharing my colorful healthyish recipes on my blog @ www.myanosmickitchen.com and on Instagram @anosmickitchen

Miranda, xoxo


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