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I read somewhere that great cooking comes from “people who have an innate capacity to taste, see and smell but I have to totally disagree.  I believe that great cooking comes from people who love food, from people who cook with heart, those who dance from the taste of food and say ummmm and ooooh from a spoonful of heaven. That for me is great cooking.

Hi, I’m Miranda

Welcome to my space!

I’m here to share my recipes, kitchen, ideas, tips and everything I know about food with you.

I have cooked so many meals, tasted food in a few countries, journeyed through many a cuisine, have had the experience of food in abundance as well as the lack thereof, intimately understand the power of food both positively and negatively.

I am not a professional chef nor have I ever smelt food, but this is what I know for sure, that I cook. 

Be sure to subscribe to my weekly cooking show on YouTube where I share through video an easy approach to cooking whilst maintaining a semi healthy kitchen. After all one can only eat so much pasta!

From watching my videos I would like for you to take with  some or a lot of creativity, working with what you have and mixing it up, minimize processed foods and instead focus on healthier options because you always have a choice.  I will teach you that flavor is not a skill nor is it expensive instead flavor is heart. The taste of your food lies in your passion and your heart that you prepare it with.  I say this because I am Anosmic, a Congenital Anosmic which means that I was born without a sense of smell but being anosmic has never stopped me from cooking meals that are filled with flavor.

Have fun in the kitchen, try new ingredients, experiment with foods, don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t come out right, it’s okay, everything in life is a learning process and it never stops!  If a recipe fails there is never a need to immediately throw it out because sometimes something wonderful can be made from that supposedly ‘mistake’ and remember, food that tastes wonderful doesn’t necessarily always appear as a pretty picture.  Like with anything, walk away for a while and when you return to the kitchen table, you will probably have another idea.

My videos are also a learning process that started with horrific lighting and angles that you could have sworn I was in a dark alley with occasional sharp rays of light on the food :)! They are still not perfect but they are better and they will get even better but the denominating factor throughout all this is that the food is always good no matter what.

ANOSMIA – My Anosmic Journey

Not having always known that I was anosmic until 2018 when I Googled ‘people who can’t smell‘ and was blown away to find that there was a name for it!  I always knew that I couldn’t smell but never spoke about it and never acknowledged it nor was I aware that there was an entire community of anosmics!  That is until my daughter  (don’t you just love kids 🙂 –  I mean they are the most inquisitive forward thinkers of the world!

She would push all these questions about when did you know that you can’t smell, did you ever discuss it with anyone, doesn’t it bother you that you cant smell, don’t you want to go to the doctor, why didn’t you go?  All these questions would come at random times and most of the time we would have long discussions about it and other times I was dismissive. Eventually it worked, here I am talking about anosmia so thank to you to my daughter and all the forward thinkers of the world!anosmic kitchens free ecookbooks



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