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If you’re already subscriber then you have one of the books and now we are so excited to be giving you yet another free beautifully designed e-cookbook!

SOUP RECIPES Healthy vegetable based soups that you can make anytime of the year. Easy, packed with flavor, made with everyday ingredients and anyone can make these soups!

I really hope that you will enjoy these free e-cookbooks and am very happy that you have subscribed and joined my email list. That shows me that you are not only looking at the images but are actually enjoying the recipes and are willing to try them out. That means a lot to me. It remains the reason that I continue to give another free e-cookbook as my way of saying thank you for joining me on this journey.

Thank you for reading, for following, for tagging my posts on social media, for sharing my recipes with friends and family, for subscribing, for emailing me, for asking questions, for encouraging and inspiring me, I am truly grateful.  I could never do any of this without you so these e-Cookbooks are a tiny gift from me to you to say I see you, I hear you. Thank you❤ 

If this is your first time and you want your free ecookbooks all you have to do is SIGN UP FOR FREE and you then click the download in the email that you receive for the download.

If you are already on my email list then the link download which already exists at the bottom of every email that you receive from me will still be there except that this time it will have 2 books attached! So whenever you want to download your books at any time go the bottom of my emails.



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